Wedding Paper: Invitations

Friday, November 18, 2016

Wedding Invitations - front and back
We decided to go fairly hands-on with our wedding invitations, though not quite as extreme as the Save the Dates. We did not print these ourselves, but got a whole stack of 100 for ~$40 from Cardstock quality is good, with some gloss, and the New Jersey US Postal Service seems less likely to shred these than the Save the Dates. They're probably one of the cheapest options for printing when you design your own. If you need some design help, I'd recommend Zazzle's templates, or possibly Printable Press for a higher end option.

We got our inspiration from two discontinued stationary lines from Printable Press, shown in this APW blog post. And then merged those designs with this Dottir & Sonur wallpaper that had been sitting atop my 'Illustrations' board in Pinterest forever. This produced the following as the front of our wedding invitation postcard:

The back of the postcard was made to match the background from our wedding website (AppyCouple's 'Georgetown' design).

In making a printable, I realized that wedding invitations are heavily personalized, so it's tricky to give out a ready-to-print version. Instead I've included these templates:

We used the minimal fuss calligraphy, just as with the Save the Dates, to address the invitations. And the bird postcard stamps, too. Everything is on-theme, but not too matchy-matchy. My life is complete.

Wedding Invitation and Save the Date
Stack of Wedding Invitations

Typefaces used: 'Century Schoolbook', Jenna Sue available from FontSquirrel.


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