Sprucing Up Apartment Hardware

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bathroom hardware replaced!
After fixing the slight imbalance in metal hues in the bathroom in the last post, I went on a kick of switching out a bunch of other stuff, like the switchplates and the towel rods. Now everything in there is in some sort of silver hue. If I wanted to be really on top of my game, the sconces & switchplates would be chrome instead of satin nickel, but whatever.

All this for ~$100.

2. Find wall studs, try to place template so that drill holes will land on studs 3. Ensure template is level
5. Drill the hole-marks 6. If no wall stud, drill hole large enough for wall anchors
7. Screw wall brackets into place
9. Use supplied hex key to secure towel rod to bracket
Can now hold towels.
12" Towel rod replaced, too (along with switchplates)

Bathroom Hook - Before Bathroom Hook - After
Bathroom Door - Before Bathroom Door - After
I also occupied myself by painting a majority of the apartment trim a brilliant white semi gloss (Glidden Diamond). Everything except the bathroom interior door, as I ran out of painter's tape. But all the fancy window trim and baseboards and interior doors (not in the entryway/kitchen)! And then promptly covered the fancy window trim up with some cheapo Beme International double curtain rods/brackets in antique brass. 'Topped off with some fancy curtain tie-backs from eBay. We're super fancy here.
Trim + doors painted white New double curtain rods installed

For about 30 days, I didn't have any furniture. So I bought some sweet faded patio furniture off craigslist and promptly installed it on my porch. Instant living room (without replicating furniture being shipped)!
Patio - After


rooth said...

The bf went out and bought a cordless drill because we "had to have one" to install a $9 towel rod. Sigh...

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