Success: Fermented Kale Kimchi

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kale Kimchi - fermenting
That right there is my kale kimchi fermenting away. One day I came home from work and I thought there was a mouse on the counter, but it was just brine escaping from an overfilled jar through my Masontops Pickle Pipes. They're handy for reducing the likelihood of a ferment getting moldy. Which is pretty much the trickiest part of fermenting, because it's otherwise just smushing vegetables into a jar with salty water and letting it sit out for 6 days.

In the end, this Fermented Food Lab: Kale Kimchi isn't actually kimchi (you'd need more than just paprika and cayenne pepper), but it is tasty. Next time I'd consider switching up the spices so it really is kimchi (i.e., gochujang). I'm particularly fond of the 5-day ferment. The 7-day is a little more sauer than I like.

Overall, a success. It's a splendid way to eat my veggies. Would make again.

Kale Kimchi
Kale Kimchi
Cat sniffs kale kimchi


rooth said...

Ooo yum - nice job!

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