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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fountain Pen Fun
I've taken to fountain pens lately. Mostly because last semester, my grading chewed through three separate green pens (1 - the classic Bic Xtra Comfort, 2 - the gloriously overflowing Sakura Gelly Roll Classic, and 3 - some other awful pressure-required ballpoint that shall remain nameless). Grading requires a lot of writing, a lot of ink, and not so much hand-strain, if using the proper pen. Enter the Lamy Safari, extra-fine nib, filled with Noodler's Gruene Cactus ink and the TWSBI Eco with a stub nib, and Noodler's bulletproof black.

In the photo above, you can see how I've been doing faux-calligraphy instead of doodling. The Postman's Knock has a nice intro to faux calligraphy, my current style is some version of Flourish Formal.

Fountain Pen Fun
Fountain pens require a bit of maintenance (refilling, cleaning between semesters, etc), but they don't require as much pressure to be applied for ink to flow. In fact, the clear TWSBI Eco pretty much bleeds ink through its nib. I consider this a nice feature, but if I wanted less ink flow, I could get a smaller nib.


Dan said...

yayyy I like this post
also, shout out again to the Lamy Safari for being awesome. do you know they have interchangeable nibs? you can like try a bunch of em for a few bucks each and then just keep on the one you like. (I'm on a 1.1 (or is it 11?) stub for mine. but you do need a fine or extra fine for some stuff.)
I gotta get some of that green ink tho, that's v cool looking.

rooth said...

I love calligraphy but do not have the patience for it. Maybe I'll pick it up again this year and practice practice practice

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