Framing a Cross Stitch Piece

Sunday, January 27, 2019

9. Add hanging hardware, ready to hang on wall!
When I saw NarwhalInkDesign's Wifi Password Sign I knew it had to be turned into a real cross-stitch, with a replaceable space for the password and network name. Converting the print to a counted cross-stitch pattern wasn't too tricky, then I just had to do the cross-stitching work on 14-count aida cloth!

Wifi Sweet Wifi Cross Stitch with space for network name + password
Once that was done, I printed off the wifi network name(s) and the password onto cardstock, and enclosed it in acid free tape. It's important that everything that touches artworks be acid free. Acid free mat board. Acid free backer board (or foam core). Acid free tape. Even for non-cross-stitches, as tape with acid in it will eventually eat away at whatever object it's attached to.

I followed FeltMagnet and Lord Libidan's tutorial for framing a cross-stitch. It seems to have worked out alright, I just need to buy some new hanging hardware to attach to my frame, since it was originally included as part of the backer board...but the backer board gets replaced with acid free foam core board. It's also important to use a mat with stitched work, so as not to flatten the stitches against the glass.

0. Framing the Cross Stitch, Supplies
1. Cutting foam core board (acid free) to size of frame backing
2. Placing foam board on top of backside of cross stitch (centered)
3. Pinning the cross stitch fabric to the foam core boar
4. Sewing the cross stitch *fabricv* (not the foam board) to each other, zig-zagging
8. Press holder tabs down

I suspect this will make a fairly lovely addition to the guest bedroom.

Front of the Cross Stitch Back of the Cross Stitch (yeah, it's a mess)
Framed Cross Stitch


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