Preserving: Dandelion Jelly

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Dandelion Jelly
I'm pretty sure we have the highest dandelion per square foot in all of our hamlet. Which means...dandelion jelly! The whole dandelion is edible, stems, buds, and all. So why not.

I followed this recipe from CreativeHomeMaking, and it's looking pretty well set. Like the author says "Jelly can take several hours or even several days to completely set, so it’s important not to disturb the jars after you remove them from the canner. Moving them can cause the jelly not to set properly." I let the jars sit for a week over Memorial Day weekend. There's little bubbles suspended in the jelly and everything! If it doesn't set, you can apparently just treat the dandelion syrup like honey.

It has an interesting floral taste. I removed as much of the green bits of the flowers as possible, giving the sweetest floral taste. It is quite pleasant. And interesting.

Dandelion Jelly
This is my first use of powdered pectin! And my first jelly, despite having made ~40 previous recipes!


rooth said...

Wow, I've never heard of that before. What are you supposed to use it with?

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