Preserving: Vanilla Pear Jam (or sauce?)

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Vanilla Pear Jam/Sauce
My first-ish experience with liquid pectin (right after my first experiment with powdered pectin), and I have real doubts about the setting of this Pear Vanilla Jam from Food In Jars. Perhaps it's because I let the chopped pears sit in sugar overnight, and then food processed before cooking? I don't know. However, the leftovers I have in the fridge are set fine, and go absolutely brilliantly with croissants, or other jam-delivery-mechanisms. This is a definite make again, assuming the jam sets.

Set or no set, this jam will make a tasty syrup for some yogurt or ice cream. It's so good. Possibly better than strawberries in vanilla syrup. Will make again. Someday.
Vanilla Pear Jam/Sauce


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