Preserving Chives

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Preserving Chives 3 Ways!
A frost was predicted for the night, so I hurried up and lopped off a bunch of chives and ended up with a few different preservation techniques:

1. Flash frozen (jar)
2. Chive Butter
3. Frozen whole
4. Frozen in olive oil (not shown)
5. Air-dried (not shown)

Frozen Whole. Cut the chives off the plant, leaving about 4" on the plant. Placed into a Ziploc bag and all the air sucked out. Then frozen.

Flash Frozen Chives
Flash Frozen. Chopped up, laid out on a silicone mat on a cookie sheet, and then frozen for an hour. Quickly placed into a jar and stored in the freezer.

Chives Frozen in Olive Oil
Frozen in Olive Oil. Chopped up, placed into an ice cube tray, topped off with olive oil, and then frozen.

Frozen Chive Butter
Chive Butter. 1/4 cup of chopped chives, mixed in with a stick of salted butter. Rolled back in plastic and frozen.

Air-Drying Chives in the Closet
Air Dried. This is an experiment that probably won't turn out. This is the process I use for drying my basil. Hang it up in a dark, dry closet and let it air dry for weeks.


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