Success: Kale & Chickpea Shakshuka

Sunday, October 13, 2019

On the same note of using up the garden produce...this dish contains kale, onions, and mint from the garden. Next year I just gotta get on growing the chickpeas and tomatoes, too ;)

Chickpea & Kale Shakshuka Chickpea & Kale Shakshuka
Who knew this could be sooo good? But I have a fondness for chickpeas and tomato sauce, so maybe it shouldn't have been such a surprise.

This kale & chickpea shakshuka from SmittenKitchen is absolutely delicious.
The eff is likely overset, but I don't care, it's delicious anyways.

I don't know that this dish needs the blobs of Greek yogurt, but they are tasty.

Chickpea & Kale Shakshuka


rooth said...

I think you need chickens for fresh eggs too!

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