Austria Trip: Munich

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The view from the castle
No, Munich is not in Austria, but it was the first stop in our 11 day journey!

We visited Neuschwanstein Castle and learned all about King Ludwig II of Bavaria, how he bankrupted his family and was most likely mysteriously murdered. Also, he built a faux cave inside the castle. And had plans for a Moroccan bath. 'Worth a read.

Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip from Munich
Near Hohenschwangau Castle

The touristy town of Schwangau was just outside the castle, most people apparently live in neighboring Fussen which has a train station.
Schwangau, Germany

In Munich, we went to Marienplatz (I love a good European plaza), Viktualienmarkt food market, some weird 5-D time travel experience (everything is closed on Monday), and the Lenbachhaus Museum (the Blue Rider exhibit was particularly interesting).

Mostly, we ate lots of pork & gluhwein, and attempted to recover from jet lag for 3 days.
Lenbachhaus Museum (the Blue Rider exhibit)
Much weissbier was had. This was not the best (Augustiner Keller was better), but it is the only photo.


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