Santa Maria-style Baked Beans

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Chef John's Santa Maria-style Baked Beans

This Chef John's Santa Maria-inspired beans from AllRecipes was inspired by the half pound of Santa Maria pinquito beans we had lying around from years ago. I largely improvved the recipe based upon the AllRecipes directions, using what I had on hand: lotsa bacon (but no ham), a can of tomato sauce (but no diced tomatoes), some worcestershire sauce to make up for my scarce ketchup, dijon whole grain mustard instead of dry mustard, herbs de provence instead of oregano, etc. etc. I should've drained even more of the bacon grease to reduce the greasiness, and I suspect the diced tomatoes would cut some of the extra richness of this dish. But the beans are tasty this way.

A side salad from the garden helps to lighten the meal up a pinch. Like Freckles Romaine, Buttercrunch butterhead, green curly kale, with bacon, dried cranberries, and candied walnuts.

Home-grown salad


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