Harvesting: Grey Zucchini

Friday, August 28, 2020

Grey Zucchini

You've already seen a sneak peek of these beautiful grey Zucchini when I wrote about squash blossoms. This is one of two varieties of summer squash I'm growing, and the fruit are just lovely. Picked at 6-8", so not super large. It's a nice zucchini plant if you'd like a constant trickle of zucchini coming in.

Grey Zucchini growing!

They are quite prolific! There's almost always one about ripe and several more in-process!

Vegetable Garden from the East
August 14, 2020

This plant also has beautiful leaves. You can barely see it in the photo above, but they have grey splotches on them, and the leaf lobes are more pronounced than many of my other squash. As a sumemr squash, it does grow in a bush habitat, so it's not using the trellis shown...although it has already spilled over into the walkway (no matter!).

Cucumber Beetle on the Grey Zucchini Plant

The pests haven't been super noticeable so far with the zucchini, although I do spot/catch the occasional cucumber beetle...


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