Harvesting: Little Mama Tomato

Friday, September 18, 2020

Little Mama Tomato

I picked up one Little Mama Tomato from a gardening friend (local plant swaps FTW), and that's how I ended up with this hybrid paste tomato that is a prolific producer of perfect plum tomatoes. Quite the contrast to my Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes which always seem to come out gnarly!

Little Mama Tomato

They are just beautiful on the vine, forming nice little clusters of ~6 or so tomatoes that ripen closely to one another.

Little Mama Tomato

I ended up slipping this solo plant on the West side of the bean tunnel. This means later in its life it gets shaded out by the tall beans, but early on it gets plenty of sun. And it still ends up with 8+ hours of sun anyways, because my north-facing garden was originally set-up by a very smart gardener.

Close up of the leaf vegetables The Leafy Greens Bed
June 15, 2020 and July 13, 2020

I also try to pick these at the pink stage, before the critters can get to them!

Little Mama Tomato

They got hit by some spotted leaf diseases a little earlier than my 3 Cherokee Purples, but that was only a month or so before first frost, so not the end of the world!

Little Mama Tomato Plant w Bean Tunnel
August 29, 2020


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