Harvesting: Mint

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sweet Mint

After a summer of looking mostly miserable, around September the mint plant stopped having brown, dry spots and started looking happy. Maybe too much harsh summer sun + heat was wearing it down.

Sweet Mint

I have grown mint in apartments and apartment backyards previously, but I also had this same last container full of mint last year (first gardening season). You don't plant mint in the ground, as it spreads like wild. But for some unknown reason, last year's mojito & sweet mint completely died off and I had to start over with a new batch of Bonnie 'Sweet Mint'. Maybe this time it'll come back?

Sweet Mint

This time I only picked off the rosettes that had at least one set of extra leaves underneath them. Young, fresh, little bunches of mint. When I have extras, I tend to dry it in a drying rack in a closet, much like I do with basil. My favorite recipe using mint is SmittenKitchen's chickpea kale shakshuka, but I also like tossing it into hot water for some tea:

Sweet Mint Tea


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