Making Leaf Mold

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Pile of shredded leaves for mulch!

Right there is some exotic leaf mulch. Exotic because I had 30 bags of autumn leaves donated to me by neighbors! People are happy to drop them off in your yard rather than the landfill. And it turns out that we only have one tree on our proeprty that produces sizeable autumn leaves (we don't even bother raking).

~30 Bags of autumn leaves donated by neighbors

What does one do with 30 bags of autumn leaves, you ask?! Make BEAUTIFUL leaf mulch to use in the garden instead of pricey mulch next season!

Mulching the autumn leaves

For just a few hours of mowing and emptying the mower's mulch compartments about a million times, we get a nice pile of shredded leaves that won't blow anywhere in the wind. Over winter they'll slowly break down and make good nutritional supplement + weedblock for the soil come spring.

Pile of shredded leaves for mulch!

With all the winter clean-up and the leaf mulching, come December we were prepped and ready for this glorious view:

The garden in December
December 1, 2020


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