Success: Pear Custard Pie

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Tomato Tart, Pear Tart

Back when I was making delicious tomato tarts with the garden's summer heirloom tomatoes, I also made this Pear Custard Tart from DinnerAtTheZoo. 'Was craving something carby and sweet, and this tart is rather easy, and plain but it does the job. Nothing that's going to blow your mind, but it's so simple to put together and not terribly unhealthy, that it might be good for the future cooking arsenal.

I believe you could swap most any fruit for the 4 pears. That might be worth an experiment...

Pear Custard Pie

It seems this recipe may be a Martha Stewart original. I made the pear custard pie a second time using the Martha recipe. It's pretty much the same easy, tastiness, but with one fewer pear.

Pear Custard Pie


rooth said...

Yummmm this looks really good

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