Making a Cat Blankie

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Ombre Cat Blankie

The kitten came with a handmade blankie donated to the shelter to help with his transition homeward. The kitten was also pulled from his mother a bit too young, and so has a habit of sucking on things. This isn't a big deal, until it's your shirt or pants. So we've slowly trained him to use his shelter blankie for this purpose, rather than our articles of clothing. It worked really well. So much so that I wanted another so we could have one in a different room.

Ombre Cat Blankie

The original blankie is 105 stitches wide, done entirely in garter stitch. My version, much like the original, relies on some interesting yarn for interest (Red Heart Super Saver Ombre in Deep Teal). It ended up being quite a bit larger than the original, despite casting on only 110 stitches and using the skein's recommended needle size. My gauge is always too loose. I should've used a needle size ~2 smaller. But it does not matter much, as it's just a blankie for the kitten and he's not super particular.

Ombre Cat Blankie - with the original

He likes it just fine.

Cat sleeping on his blankie
Cat kneading his blankie


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