Australia: Adelaide's Cleland Wildlife Park

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Feeding the Kangaroos
Can it get better than a magical two weeks of Adelaide Fringe Festival shows? Yes, only more and more magical. I really had not anticipated this from the sleepy town of Adelaide. Even if you aren't around for its three weeks of March Madness, there's still more around to do. Like Cleland Wildlife Park just a drive outside of the city.

We learned all kinds of exciting things, like Australia's dingo fence for keeping the pups out of the sheep. And how purebred dingos are endangered, and the domestic dog mixed dingos are braver and better at getting food. In the beginning it was wild to see kangaroos in the parking lot, but by the end of the day you get so accustomed to feeding them out of your hands! So many animals we just don't have in the 'States, at least, not in our petting zoos!

Oh, and I got to hold a koala. WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL UNIVERSE I AM VISITING?!

Holding Koala
Surly 'roo
Kangaroo and baby
Pelicans at Cleland's Wildlife Preserve Koala Pose
Kangaroo is done Koalas at Cleland Wildlife Preserve
Purebred Dingoes
Kangaroo Closeup
Mama 'roo
Lorikeets at Cleland's
Cleland's Wildlife Preserve
Albino Kangaroo
Kangaroo Family
Cleland's Wildlife Preserve
Cleland's Wildlife Preserve


Kristin said...

I can't believe you held a koala! I thought they were supposed to be vicious? Very cool!

Also cool your family came out to travel with you!

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