March Circus Birthday Party

Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo borrowed from my friend, Chloester. (P.S. I might be in this photo)

I think this photo was taken somewhere near the beginning of the evening, but this is a shot of the facepainting + adult snowcone + ginormous speakers room. The other room held a jumping castle in the shape of a truck. This is how eight 21-31 year olds celebrate their March birthdays all at once. Notice the clown noses? Um. Yeah.

Speaking of which, if you borrow your friend's Costco card the cashier will probably figure out that you're not her. But if you act bashful about it, they still might let you buy that giant birthday cake with vanilla cheesecake filling.

In other words, the evening was pretty much the awesomest.

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Kris said...

Fantastic party idea!

h said...

Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous. But you really have to go all out and invite 400 people and rent a space out, hahaha.

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