"Secret Garden" by Michelle Armas at UrbanOutfitters

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have you ever found a painting that speaks to you? Each time you see it again, you find things you never noticed before? Looking at it fills you with some strong emotion?

New Bedroom Artwork

I was driving through Pittsburgh's Southside Works when I spotted two young women carrying the above giant canvas down the street. I already own a smaller version of the print, so I contacted the artist, Michelle Armas to see if she had a local distributor. Turns out, UrbanOutfitters is carrying a 4'X3' version of the "Secret Garden" painting that I've been in love with since before December.
New Bedroom Artwork

If I had seen it in the store instead of on the street first, I probably would have had a heart attack on the spot. I love this painting. And now, it's displaced my Salvador Dali print, which waits patiently on the floor :(
"Person at the Window" (by Salvador Dali) Displaced to the Floor...


Michelle said...

Oh how cool! Your bedroom looks fabulous :) So glad you were able to buy it and that it makes you happy.

h said...

Haha, yeah, there's nothing quite like owning two of the same print! I just *really* like your work :)

Steve Berke said...

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