Success: Blue Cheese and Red Potato Tart

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blue Cheese and Red Potato Tart

This is good. But how can potato-carbs in heavy cream, drenched with cheese, and wrapped in a butter crust not be good? This blue cheese and red potato tart from SmittenKitchen is like pizza, but a million times better.

Blue Cheese and Red Potato Tart

I have a well-documented thing for tarts: bacon tarts, chocolate-pear tarts, mozzarella tarts, crustless tarts, it doesn't matter. Everything is better cooked in a butter crust, with an egg & cream bath. 15 minutes to make your own crust is a small sacrifice for something that yields such a great wow factor.
Blue Cheese and Red Potato Tart

The only modifications to the recipe were that I used some dried, store-brand herbs de provence and I used a cake pan instead of a tart pan. Oh, and I used the pie crust recipe from tartelette, since it doesn't require corn starch (and still doesn't require par-baking). It all came out perfectly.


J. said...

omg this looks soo good. In fact, I could really go for a piece right about now lol.

h said...

It's very tasty, very easy to put together, and very unhealthy, lol.

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