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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Eggnog

As has been mentioned in multiple posts, I make homemade eggnog every year for my annual holiday dinner party. I make a large starter-batch and refrigerate it the night before in cleaned liquor bottles. Halfway through the party, we run out and make more. In total, we go through about 20 eggs, which is approximately 20 servings. It's popular.

I thought I'd post my take on the recipe, originally from Jeffrey Morganthaler.

Christmas Eggnog

Despite my food processor only being able to handle two servings at a time, the recipe is really easy. 'Done entirely in a blender or food processor. No cooking or extra bowls necessary. The eggnog comes out much lighter than store-bought eggnog, and is so much tastier.

Recipe (adapted from Jeffrey Morganthaler)
Makes 2 servings (all that can fit in my food processor at one time)
2 large [pasteurized] eggs
1/4c - 1/2c sugar
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4c brandy (I use E&J)
1/4c spiced rum (Sailor Jerry's)
3/4c whole milk
1/2c heavy cream
  1. Beat eggs in blender for 1 minute.
  2. Slowly add sugar and blend for another minute.
  3. With blender still running, add nutmeg, brandy, spiced rum, whole milk, and heavy cream.
  4. Chill thoroughly

Christmas Eggnog


Stephen said...


Celia said...

this looks HEAVENLY. honestly, i don't make it because seeing what actually goes into it makes me feel guilty. it's the same reason i don't make my own puff pastry, which i make quite well, if i do say so myself. i will, however, BUY a dozen croissants and eat them in a 24 hour period. ;)

Kris said...

I'm making this for a party tonight :)

h said...

Kristin- How'd it work out? In my experience, the only problem with the recipe is that it's so good, you always run out ;)

Kris said...

I used a dozen eggs and made a gallon, and it ran out right away. I was just sending someone else the recipe actually. I'll be making this for the rest of my holiday parties this year. :)

M├Ągi said...

This looks incredible!
I don't know that I've had eggnog like this.

It's only this season that I first got to try boozed up eggnog. This just might be over the top incredibleness! I'll make it someday, I will!

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