Success: Quick and Easy Fried Rice

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick & Easy Fried Rice

Despite what TheKitchn says, this 'Quick and Easy Fried Rice' meal does not take 10 minutes to prepare. It takes about an hour start-to-finish. Of course, maybe if I had the rice already cooked aaaaaaand all the veggies precut, it'd take closer to 20 minutes, but that's called cheating.

Quick & Easy Fried Rice

I'm a big fan of having all my nutrients in one dish. And, as the title of the recipe says, this dish is 'quick and easy' with a very satisfying taste. Plus, you can pretty much toss in whatever vegetables are sitting in your fridge/freezer. This one's a keeper.

Quick & Easy Fried Rice

This recipe makes enough food to feed 5 people, or just yourself 5 times.


{ T G L } said...

That looks delicious, almost like a Paella. What veggies did you toss in there?

I like your Delfts Blue-inspired/Orientalist plate :)

This Good Life

christine donee said...

i can never get too much fried rice.. yum.

Jillian said...

Hahaha, I would totally make it for myself to eat 5 times.

Keia said...

I'm totally trying this tonight.
I can never get enough fried rice.

p.s. landed on your blog via another.

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