This Happened: Snowpocalypse

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Schenley Park Overlook

I'm about to turn into a mushface. Please excuse the mess.

In a spoiled-princess-like huff, I walked up the stairs, unable to convince him to hang out. He had excuses. He had to be responsible. Do homework, get sleep for his 20 hour work day the next day. I complained about how I don't like just being dropped off. I knew I was being irrational and silly, and I complained to my friend for an hour anyways.

A few hours later, J said he might be done with homework at 8pm. I gave him his zombie Valentine card, he said I already had mine, but didn't know it.

When he dropped me off at my apartment, we stopped in front of my car. It had magically been shoveled out of its snow tomb! I sat there, sort of dumbfounded. I asked, "Who did this? Who would do this?! Did someone not realize it wasn't their car?" He said, "You must have a nice neighbor." I asked if it was him, he said he had been busy working yesterday evening, remember? Still a little baffled, I got out of the car and as I passed my own, he points out that there's a lump of snow on the windshield. I dig it out, and it's a red envelope. It was one of the letterpress cards we made at a workshop a few weeks previously (I am keeping the contents of the card to myself, ha, suckers).

So. While I had been bitching to my friend about how I know I'm being an irrational baby, but etc. etc...he had been digging my car out of two feet of snow! If I had just looked out the window, I would've seen him right there! Sometimes, life is like I'm stuck in some wonderfully ridiculous romantic comedy.


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