Semi-Success: Roasted Purple Potatoes

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Purple Potatoes

So I roasted the purple potatoes from the Ballard Farmer's Market per my usual roasting process, and the purple potatoes just don't seem to lend themselves to roasting as well as red potatoes.

They sure are pretty, though.

Purple Potatoes
Purple Potatoes
Purple Potatoes


Unknown said...

I cooked some from a friends garden recently..don't they kind of remind you of turnips, the texture is similar. And yes, so pretty!

rooth said...

Oh they are really pretty. I've never seen those before and will look for those in the grocery store next time

Stephanie said...

You're right, they are really pretty!

Anonymous said...

We actually grow those! They make fantastic smashed potatoes. They are really yummy!

Stephanie said...

Hmm, good to know! I usually roast Yukon gold potatoes with olive oil, rosemary, garlic and sage, and those have been delicious every time, even if they aren't as pretty as purple potatoes. ;-)

Deidre said...

They are very pretty. I've seen purple carrots recently too which kind of threw me for a loop!

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