L'appartement, c'est fini.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Living Room

I've pretty much just checked the last of the 'to do' items off of our apartment list. That is to say, it only took ~3 weeks to be completely moved in. With this move, we gained an office/dining room combo and there's a sunlight-filled "pantry" which I've so far filled with craft supplies. There's also three walk-in closets that I've been filling with plastic storage bins and wicker baskets hoarded from Goodwill and Craigslist (like it's my job). Storage is the name of the game. 970 square feet of nonstop stuff.

Now I can move onto the next phase/obsession! Whatever that may be...sewing? work? Dr. Who? Only time will tell.

Click the photos for sources on some of the artwork, etc.
Living Room
Office & Dining Room
Office & Dining Room
Kitchen Pittsburgh Skyline Wood Carving
Kitchen Containers
Pantry Pantry
Hallway towards living room Bathroom
Bedroom from the door
Bedroom from desk
Hallway towards kitchen Entryway
Apartment Layout, with furniture


Nicole said...

Love the place. I feel like I'm looking at a house tour on apartmenttherapy.com. Everything looks so puuuurtee. I love the tree wall decals and I have that same shower curtain in my house as well. Shower curtain twins!

missris said...

I'm so, so impressed with both your decor and how quickly you got everything unpacked and decorated. I've been in my new place for going on 3 months and still don't have a single thing on the walls. I'm taking my time, heh.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you work fast!!! I've been in my house ~3 YEARS and I'm just starting to really get things the way I want them. ;-)

Looks great though!

rooth said...

Oh it looks wonderful - you are so incredibly organized. Really like the rugs that you've got laying about

nancy said...

Your place looks incredible! So much light, and those floors... I want them! Awesome.

{Ashley} said...

What a lovely space! Are you still in Pittsburgh? Tell me it's not some absurd deal you struck for a once-in-a-lifetime apartment.

P.S. - I really love your blog. I hope you don't think I'm that crazy blog stalker person. Maybe I've just had too much coffee today? :) Anyway, thanks for posting!

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