Flying Geese Throw: Materials

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's time for another quick throw quilt made of half square triangles. Half square triangles are so speedy. I'm going to go less into the step-by-steps of this quilt (as it's pretty much the same as the last one I made), but there's an additional how-to that might be handy here. Anyways, first we start with how much fabric and cut into how many half square triangles you need!

There's a tiny cat in this household who is rather fond of quilts.

Z on the yellow & grey flying geese quilt throw top

You'll need...
Assuming fabric about 44" wide and a quilt that is 72"X64".
2.5 yards in accent color
2.5 yards in background color
Note: If you do the accent/background color with more than one fabric, as I did, just make sure it all adds up to approximately 2.5 yards each. Although, the fabric needs to be cut at least 5" wide (i.e., at least 1/9 yd).

You'll cut...
The 5" squares will turn into 4.5" half square triangles.
144X 5" squares in accent color
144X 5" squares in background color

Yellow & Grey Flying Geese Quilt Throw - Top - All But Closing Up the Binding
Z inspects the quilt sandwich for puckers
This is how I sew all my two-at-a-time half square triangles. All together!

HST Flying Geese Quilt Throw Step-by-Step
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