Holga Film

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Arlington, The American Dream City

On my epic month-long New Jersey-New York-Michigan-Texas journey, I brought along my Holga toy camera, and 3 rolls of film that expired in 2012 (originally purchased for our 2011 Yosemite trip). Along with those three, I also had a mystery already exposed roll developed, and it turned out to be more photos of the Yosemite trip, but in black & white!

I think I'm mostly just interested in the double exposures, which I still clearly cannot figure out. But it's fun to try, because sometimes you get something really unique.

I use TheDarkRoom mail-in developing service for my film. They're priced pretty well, and seem to adapt to my wonky expired film and/or terrible double exposures and/or awful underexposures pretty well. I mean, you'd want nothing but the best dark room to touch these mini masterpieces, right?!

Michigan Union
Stanford Main Quad
Main Quad Flowers
Arlington July 4th Parade
Hiking Minnewaska State Park
Grounds for Sculpture
New Paltz Peace Mural
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Movie Theater
Camping at Manchester State Park

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