Vermont: The Hildene Estate

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hildene Farm - Abraham Lincoln's son's summer home
There's this farm that once belonged to Abraham Lincoln's son. And for some reason, it's kept up as a museum and a working goat farm. I don't know. At least Hildene has more cultural significance than Hearst Castle. Plus it's a little more classy, in a the biggest architectural splurge is a pipe organ built into the house. The garden is pretty and they do a decent step toward addressing the racial history of Pullman Cars (Roger Lincoln was once CEO).

It's a nice way to spend a day, and the nearby town of Manchester has plenty of restaurants and little shops to keep you busy.

Fancy furnitures A loooooot of wainscotting
Formal Garden - the house Formal Garden - flower close up
Formal Garden - flower close up Formal Garden
Formal Garden
Formal Garden - flower close up
HLDNTeenage goats!
Farm to Maple Pullman Car (Sunbeam)


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