More Knitted Baby Hats & Booties, in Blue!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Homemade knitted baby hats with matching booties

Continuing from the previous post of knitted goods for a Pittsburgh friend's newborn, we have: these slightly larger-sized items in blue yarn! I used Aran-weight Lion Brand Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling yarn in 'Turquoise Heahter' or 'Old Stone'. The 100% acrylic yarn is more able to withstand washing for whatever a baby can do to it.

Blue homamde baby booties

This bootie pattern is Tooties by Saltware Knitting. It was my first timedoing short-rows, and booties are the perfect sized project to try this out on. The first bootie or two my gauge was too big (held the yarn too loose) by number 2/3 I was closer to on track and fully understood the 'wrap & turn' technique which I later needed for the gray baby earflap hat. Worked outswimmingly.

Knitted Blue/Gray Baby Hat + Booties

In all patterns I size my needles down by 2 due to my suuuper large gauge. I have a few of each item just in case my sizing was off. Everything baby-sized knits up so quickly, it's pretty speedy to put it all together.

Pirouette Beanie

This hat probably took a few evenings of TV-watching. It's the Pirouette Beanie by Fiona Oliver in the 'baby' (not infant) size. It is rather stretchy and rather large. Maybe it ended up more as a child-size, who knows. At least it'll fit the kiddo eventually!

The kitten helps knit

As always, the kitten is very helpful.


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