Success? Fermenting Garlic

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Inside the Seer Torshi jar

I was intrigued by FoodInJArs' Seer Torshi, or longterm fermented garlic. The description sounds ?good? So, anyways, several months later here we are! I ended up using a large portion of my hardneck garlic harvest here, maybe about 12 heads of garlic! The cloves that weren't a good size got thrown into a mini batch of hot water bath pickled garlic.

First, the garlic must ferment in the vinegar, honey, salt solution for ~2 weeks.

Garlic fermenting in vinegar, honey, salt for  2 weeks

And then the garlic must age on the shelf for 1+ years, without any hot water bath canning. The vinegar + fermentation process should keep the bacteria at bay. I also like to wipe off some of the salt from the rim of the jars at this stage so it doesn't corrode the plastic lid.

When done fermenting, Seer Torshi sits for 1+ years (not hot water bath canned!)

A few months later, this stuff smells potent when opened! Here's to hoping in 7 months it all turns out well!


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