Southern Spain Trip: Returned

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tintin airplane

After getting three hours of sleep, the gang awoke to catch our 7am flights to Lisbon, to be followed by a 6 hour layover before arriving in Newark. When we arrived in the 'States it was pouring. We caught a shuttle to our longterm parking, where the valets promptly told us that our car wouldn't start. After 12 hours of travel on 3 hours of sleep, that was tough to bear. Not as tough, however, as waiting 2 hours for AAA, the power at the car valet trailer going out, and then having the AAA guy reverse the cables when jumping the car and blow out several fuses.

In short, the car could not be driven the 1.25 hours home. So we headed back to the airport, caught a NJ Transit train to Hamilton, and had one of my brothers pick us up. That 12 hour travel day ended up becoming 24 hours. We reached a level of exhaustion where every little bump in the road made you want to scream at someone. Thankfully, no one screamed. It was just a very, very quiet ride.

Eventually. A rather dramatic ending to a rather lovely and relaxing trip.

NJ Transit Homeward!
Driving back to Pittsburgh
Z ready to go!

Seville, Spain, 3 days
Cordoba, Spain, 1 day
Granada, Spain, 2 days
Marbella, Spain, 3 days
Ronda, Spain, 1 day


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