Step One: Hexagon Quilt Top Done!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hexagon Quilt Progress, May 2013

My last update on the hexagon quilt was a year ago, and since then I've finished hand-piecing the top! It may not look all that different in the old versus new photos, but keep in mind the older photos are on a full-sized bed while the newer photos are on a queen-sized bed.

I'm having some fears that maybe I made it too large and need to take one of the columns off. I'm not sure. I'm also afraid this thing will never get done, as I still have to do the backing, hand-quilting, and attach a row of (backwards) blue hexagons as the not-quilter-approved binding.

I'm insane. And this is never going to be finished.

[Edit: I attempted to make my quilt sandwich, but due to floor size constraints, it came out all wonky and I'm going to have to do it all over again. Ah, the joys of quilting!]

Hexagon Quilt Progress, May 2013
Hexagon Quilt Progress, May 2013

Lessons Learned.
Under no circumstances should you use any dark-colored thread for basting the hexagons. When piecing the hexagons together, if one doesn't fit, just undo the basting and refold to make it fit. You can do three stitches when joining the three hexagons together, or just do two. Overhand stitch is probably not the cleanest stitch for attaching hexagon pieces together. Piece small sections of the quilt top together, then attach the sections to each other.

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Danielle said...

Oh wow, that pattern and those colors are absolutely gorgeous!

My Garden Diaries said...

Ha! I think we all are a little insane here in blog world!!! Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I am so amazed at your talent!!!

Victoria said...

I want that !! Loved it!

Alie said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I can't even seem to finish a quilt top so you're doing great. I do see what you mean about it being a bit too long. You probably already decided to leave it or trim! Okay, now I'm going to go make hexis now...

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