Hexagon Quilt: DONE

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Completed Hexagon Quilt - top
After three years, off and on, of hand-sewing this mo'fo', it's finally done! It's actually been done for a week and a half, ever since I posted about doing the binding, but I didn't want to quilt spam anyone. Quilt spam is the worst.

I've taken parts of this quilt with me on airplanes to Paris and Scotland. The blue hexagons lived with me while I was in Japan. I've pieced the diamonds on buses and in seminars around Pittsburgh. I've dragged the whole quilt top to Seattle in my very limited luggage space that was meant to hold three months' worth of clothes. I've slept under it. I've hidden tiny kittens in it. Sure, it has its imperfections, but that's life.

J and I hadn't even been dating for a year when I started. The hexagon quilt had the potential to be some sort of sweater curse, but it did not. It even weathered a one-year break [in quilting]. Ha!

I'm still a little bit stunned that it's over.

It's funny, because while the maximum size of this quilt is rather large, its minimum size is considerably smaller, due to the diamonds' peaks. However, I'm still quite fond of its pointy hexagon edges. I think if I were to do it again, I'd also have a round of blue hexagons on the quilt top. This way it'd look a little more like it has a top-binding as well. But that's not really a big deal. Also, I'd maybe drop the diamonds from the corner of the quilt, as they tend to drag on the ground. Z likes to kangaroo-kick those long corners.

Anyways, there's links to the whole process and all my posts at the bottom of this post (and all hexagon quilt posts) in case you were interested in browsing this three year journey.

Completed Hexagon Quilt - back
Completed Hexagon Quilt Z Destroying the Hexagon Quilt Corners
Completed Hexagon Quilt - top
Completed Hexagon Quilt - back

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missris said...

OH my gosh, it's amazing! Congrats :)

Amanda said...

That is gorgeous!! You must feel so accomplished :)

My Garden Diaries said...

It is beyond gorgeous!!!! Gorgeous gorgeous!!!!! You rocked it!!! You should be so proud of what you have accomplished!!!!

Sheryl said...

Oh, quilt spam is forgiveable. Especially when the quilt is so beautiful!

Rebecca Thering said...

Wow, congratulations! It's so lovely!

Corin said...

Holy Macaroni, that is gorgeous! Good job!

rooth said...

My goodness it looks wonderful - congratulations!

Stephanie said...

It is SO beautiful. I can't tell you how impressed I am. Great job!

Alicia P. said...

Wow wow wow wow wow wow. Seriously. Awesome. I stand in awe!!!

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