Success: Pickled SmOkra

Friday, August 26, 2016

Pickled Smoked Paprika Okra (Smokra)
Dreams of smokra come to fruition!

When pickled (or grilled, for that matter), okra loses its weirdo interior texture and becomes perfectly crispy. It's a really good way to consume this veggie, and when I saw it on sale at $1.99/lb I scooped up 2.5 lbs. Most for pickling, some for roasting. These are delicious. One part vinegar, one part smoked paprika, and one part okra. A pretty even balance, for a pickle.

I generally followed Marisa McClellan's recipe for pickled okra on Mrs. Wages, but used half pints and switched up the spices a pinch. Each half pint got 1 tsp pickling spice, 1 tsp smoked paprika, a small garlic clove, and a slice of lemon if I felt like it. A couple of the jars have double the paprika, but no lemon or pickling spice. Also because I felt like it. When you're pickling with vinegar it's acidic enough to give you a bit of breathing room in the spices & add-ins department.

I pulled all the tiniest okra and put them into one jar to have a little sampling jar. There are food swap plans in the making!

Pickled Smoked Paprika Okra (Smokra)
Pickled Smoked Paprika Okra (Smokra)


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