Homemade Wood Chips

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Homemade Woodchips

Sometimes, a giant windstorm knocks down some major tree limbs, and you end up with more than the typical pile of sticks. So out comes the tiny woodchipper for the annual woodchipping event. I know you're all excited about this.

Here's little Sunjoey at work last year in March. This year we were at it in May and things were much greener.

Making Wood Chips

Outcome was still the same. A large pile of honeylocust woodchips to put down. In the garden this year, not the bee arena!

Wood Chips

The vegetable garden needed a wood chip top-up in some areas. The cardboard weedblock underneath it has broken down already, and some bark nuggets are too. As they're intended to, in order to increase the soil quality.

Putting the homemade wood chips to good use

So we end up with some mixed wood chip and bark nugget, which I think works just splended to continue to keep the weeds out of the walkways.

Homemade Woodchips


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