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Sunday, January 20, 2019

With so many walls to decorate, even my old stash of artwork from the gallery wall is going to run dry! But the internet is an amazing place for discovering new artwork (that may even be affordable). Below are a handful of my favorites.

  1. Rise and Wander's 'daydream' mixed media paintings/drawings are pure magic, but her block prints are also amazing. Aftyn's instagram feed is full of mesmerizing works-in-progress.
  2. Multi-part nature photograph prints, like TheRiverKing's mountain print, MIRAMARART's circle forest set, and SageSeaPrints' Sky Print are lovely options for larger works spread across multiple pieces.
  3. There's not a whole lot of photographs in this list, mostly because I prefer to use personal photos in my home. But I'm digging this 9-square layout with white mats and frames for, say, a collection of travel photos. This keeps the gallery wall looking less cluttered, and more like a large, singular piece. Anna Tsoulogiannis’ home on TheEveryGirl has this approach done in a super lovely way:
  4. I already own a print of "Grew Into" by ClareElsaesser but everything in her FLOWERS and... series is amazing. One day I'll own one of the large format prints from that series, maybe from the seconds sale.
  5. If a print of giant Andrew Carnegie terrorizing downtown Pittsburgh isn't surreal enough, there's always the robot (and pop culture) injected artwork of Dave Pollot. I'm particularly fond of Giant Robot Painting.
  6. As a perpetual crafter, no wall is complete without some needlework. I recently adapted this print by NarwhalInkDesign into a cross-stitch pattern, with a replaceable label for the wifi name + password. Perfect for the guestroom.
  7. I like the idea of hanging some modern-farmy street address numbers onto a wall somewhere. Like this lovely piece from TheWoodsCollective.
  8. Having recently purchased 6 vintage-inspired National Parks posters from PurpleMooseBasics, I would be remiss to leave them off this list. This is a nifty way to document some/all of the National Parks you've visited, and PurpleMooseBasics has one of the more complete collections (they even have White Sands National Monument)!
  9. Word art may be pretty basic, but I like the idea of word art from your favorite authors. Perhaps your favorite 13th century Sufi poet, like this Rumi-quote print from NasShannon?
  10. Botanical prints, like, a whole wall of ferns like these downloadables from DigitalGraphicGoods.
  11. justshortandsweet makes some lovely, colorful himmeli wreaths, or you can diy your own!
  12. Pop Chart Labs is a great source for posters of lists of things. Like this Birds of North America poster:
  13. J says I'm allowed one quilt on the wall at a time. I'm thinking something bold for over our plain mantle, like Libs Elliott's Rebel Quilt or a double-width Range Quilt from Robert Kaufman fabrics.
  14. Tiny Gritty by KimmyMakesThings to show your Philly pride, of course.


rooth said...

Checking out a lot of these - thanks for the recommendations!

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