How To: No Sew Faux Fur Vest

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yeti-ham Lincoln

This is what a Yeti-ham Lincoln looks like at one in the morning.

Anyways. I had the pieces of the slutty yeti Halloween costume from last year, but it needed Like a fur vest to replace the fur bra, and a Lincoln hat with attached beard (obviously). The vest is a really easy no sew fur vest, which is basically a circle with two arm holes cut in it. It was an option from last year, to be a normal yeti, but I've typed up the directions in the image below in case your costume needs a fur vest, too:

Tutorial Instructions for a No Sew Faux Fur Vest

Homemade Yeti Halloween Costume Pieces

Happy Halloween!

Yeti Costume
  1. BYOV's How To: Yeti Hat or Simplicity pattern 2853 (gorilla hat)
  2. BYOV's No Sew Fur Vest or Costume Goddess' How To Cover a Costume Bra (with faux fur)
  3. BYOV's Simple Elastic-Waist Skirt Tutorial (faux fur + lined with blue cotton fabric with pockets in the lining hem)
  4. BYOV's How To Make Furry Leg Warmers
  5. BYOV's Faux Fur Fingerless Mitts DIY


Atley said...

yeti take on an old president? I admire your spin on the normal, and that you are capable of making it all on your own. Home made costumes are the best!

Stephanie said...

I think this might be the greatest costume I have ever seen. :-)

rooth said...

Hah that's awesome and I love your slutty yeti costume from last year... very original

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