Chevron Pegboard Back Splash

Friday, August 23, 2013

Peg Board Backsplash (Oven)
Grease on the wall behind the stove. Ugh. Backsplash. Need I say more?

After acquiring a gigantic pegboard from an office trash pile, attaching it to the roof of our car (I have a bad habit of acquiring things too large for my car), cutting it down, and spray painting the remaining pieces Rustoleum's "Regal Red" to match our KitchenAid appliances, I realized the effect was a bit of a blood bath. So much red. So the oven back splash pegboard got Skinny Meg's chevron wall treatment with Behr's "Seaside Sand". I was considering making my own Hollywood Squares stencil, but decided to continue the chevron pattern that appears here and there throughout the apartment.

Step 1: Spray paint peg board (Rustoleum Regal Red)

Wait until glossy spray paint has dried ~24 hours.
Step 2: Apply thin strips of painter's tape vertically
Cut strips of painters tape in half, and place over every 4th column of pegboard holes.
Step 3: Apply horizontal, chevron tape
Place the diagonal chevron tape pieces. I had a piece of painter's tape cover each 4th hole, and was able to keep the angles similar by lining the edge up with the 5th hole from the previous piece of tape.
Step 4: Apply first coat of paint
I like to do my first coat of paint really light, and in the direction of each piece of tape so that I'm not shoving paint underneath the tape. Some will still get under, you'll fix it with a toothpick later.
Step 5: Continue adding paint layers
4 coats later...
Step 6: Remove tape before paint dries
Remove painter's tape before the paint can fully dry. Coat with Polycrilic if you're paranoid and want an extra level of protection (a gloss finish is easier to clean grease off of). Fix paint spill-overs with water and a toothpick.
Pegboard Back Splash (Oven)
Mount pegboards using some cheapo 1/2" nylon flat washers, so that there'd be space for the pegs behind the board (the rest of the Internet uses a wood frame, but we didn't feel like constructing a custom-made frame for all our pegboards. The nylon spacers have worked well enough with our pots & pans pegboard, provided you attach it to studs).


Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion said...

Gorgeous! You've made a lot of use out of that pegboard, and it really spices up your kitchen.

Alicia / Jaybird: Home in Motion

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this! If you like to link up come over to Craft Frenzy Friday at! It goes live Thursdays at 7:00 PM Central! I hope to see you there!

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