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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pegboard Backsplash (Sink)

Why not match your red-detailed linen dish towels to your red oven mitts to your red pots and pans to your red artwork to your red KitchenAid appliances to your red back splashes? In hindsight, it does indeed sound like too much red. Nonetheless, we did recently do a sling of kitchen-oriented updates to this lovely neglected rental apartment of ours, and here's a round up:

At the moment, I'm trying to decide if I prefer the all red sink backsplash (at the top of the post) or a chevron pattern that echoes the backsplash behind the oven, or maybe re-doing the chevron the white + granite Contact Paper (see below), 'dunno. The lighting in this room sucks the inspiration right out of me. Maybe I should just paint the kitchen or just give up entirely. I'd like the room to have a similar effect as the rest of the apartment, or even my last kitchen but when I think about it, my brain just goes blah. I don't know.
Pegboard Backsplash, Look #2

On top of the already blogged updates we also:
  • Covered the ugly over sink lighting with some decorative Scotch masking tape in 'mint mosaic' (Maybe I should replace the mint with the granite Contact Paper here, too).
  • Replaced the dish soap bottle with a small oil dispenser
  • Replaced the hand sanitizer container with a stainless steel dispenser
  • Cleaned out, organized, picked up some new matching spice bottles, re-labeled and re-filled all our existing spice bottles with spices we actually use.
  • All peanut/vegetable/olive oils are stored in old sake bottles and vinegars in matching honey jars
  • Scraped off all tape/magnets/Jeebus-stickers that had been painted over on the cabinet and then repainted the cabinets with a coat or two of Behr's "Seaside Sand"

Kitchen Light Updated with Scotch Decorative Tape
Spice Jar Organization


Julie [Plums for Breakfast] said...

If you're allowed to paint, I say go for it! What about a nice, deep gray? I bet it would make your cabinets and red accents pop a little. I'm very partial to using gray when I don't know what other color to's like a decorating cure-all.

missris said...

I second the gray. We did gray on the walls of our black and white bathroom, with little pops of red, and I really like the way it turned out.

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