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Friday, October 23, 2015

Living Room

It took a lot to get to this point. It took:
  • ...extending our lease 3 months for an extra $400/month (~40% of our rent).
  • ...correctly predicting that I'd be done a month earlier.
  • ...finding a new tenant via craigslist to move-in in October.
    (Scheduling walk-throughs with craigslisters, and fielding such brilliant questions as, "What if we want the apartment, but won't move in until January. Will the landlord let us do that?" "If you're willing to pay October-January rent while it's uninhabited, I'm sure they'd be glad to reserve it for you" LOL. Or, "The landlord will fix up these hardwood floors before we move in, right?" ROTFLMAO)
  • ...a walk-through with the future tenants to determine what furniture they'd like to keep (most of it).
  • ...selling a dining table, mason jars, a handmade headboard, filing cabinets, steel shelves, Nintendo GameCube + Super Smash Bros, and failing to sell some chairs.
  • ...painting over Z's name on her cat tower (nearly got me crying).
  • ...spackling all the gallery wall holes in the world.
  • ...holding a Give Away Going Away party that included 9 trash bags of clothing and all of the stuff in the below photo:
    20 End up in Give Away Pile anyways

  • ...taking the leftovers to Goodwill (~11 trips up and down the stairs).
  • ...packing everything else in donated boxes.
  • ...loading the boxes into a U-Pack moving cube on a day with record rain.
  • ...throwing out what couldn't fit.
  • ...attaching our bikes to the back of the car with a flimsy bike rack.
  • ...filling the car to the brim so the cat barely had any personal space.

I still feel like I have more stuff than anyone on this planet, but the packing didn't make me cry. Improvement?

Living Room Kitchen Pantry
Office / Dining Room
Office / Dining Room


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