Success: Carrot Top Pesto

Sunday, August 16, 2020

YupItsVegan's Carrot Top Pesto

I know YupItsVegan calls this "carrot top pesto", but it's really more of a bulghur-free carrot top tabbouli. Lots of lemon, fresh mint leaves, a little bit of onion...I use it as a dip with some cherry tomatoes and call it lunch.

Chives, Mint, and Onions from the Garden

I'm reaching peak-garden, in which I had all of the ingredients for this pesto on hand already. Lemons for my favorite evening cocktail, and [onions, chives, mint, carrot tops] from the garden. I did adapt the recipe a bit to use one small white onion from the garden and a handful of chives, combined as a replacement for the green onions. It's deliciously fresh.

Blanched Carrot Tops from Garden-Grown Carrots


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