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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Xmas Triangle Quilt
When one has a blog for...(!10 years!), it is possible to compile quite the collection of winter holiday crafts. On this post, I'm collecting all my Xmas-y and winter-themed DIYs and posts, in the hopes of remembering to make more of them!

Xmas Decor - Living Room

DIY Christmas Tree Skirts

Maybe make your own customized Xmas Tree Skirt Quilt? I have one tutorial for a Circular, Desden Plate Tree Skirt and another for a hexagon-shaped triangle Christmas tree skirt
Xmas Tree with a Snow Theme! Xmas Tree with Tree Skirt Quilt


Of course there's DIY tree ornaments, too. Like this jingle bell wreath ornament tutorial and the wedding paper Xmas ornament.
Wedding Invitation Xmas Ornament
12. Can also cut ~6" of ribbon, push through cord-knot, and tie a bow.

Gift Toppers

And gift toppers, too. Some that are only meant to be gift toppers, but others that could be turned into decor and tree ornaments. Printable Gift Tags and wire and felt figures
Xmas Gifts
Wire Figures How To


I've spent considerable time putting together holiday decor items. If you make them yourself, you can make them all match. Like this felt rose wreath and felt circle garland. You can make a pet paw stocking in whatever color scheme you want. Then there's the cotton ball snowflake window dressing, and the possibility of binding all your Holiday Greetings cards into a homemade album.
Felt Rose Wreath with Felt Poinsettia
Holiday Felt Garland
How To: Pet Paw Stocking Tutorial
9: Hang the cotton ball snowflake lines up somewhere (a window, perhaps?)
Finished Wedding Card Album


Can't forget the seasonal drinks. Like everyone's favorite eggnog and red and white mulled wines.
Red Mulled Wine
Christmas Eggnog

Red Candles in Hurricane Vases Circular Tree Skirt How To


rooth said...

Mmmm gotta love the mulled wine for the holidays

rainmelon said...

Oooh I'd forgotten the felt flower wreath! So many apartments, so many decorations =)

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