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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dr. Who TARDIS Quilt (no background!)

I'm not really sure where the idea entered my brain, I think I've been fabric-less waiting for my JoAnn's coupon to arrive? Somehow ended up paper piecing this Dr. Who Tardis from Trillium Design's Dr. Who Along using entirely scraps from my isosclees triangle quilt. Only, instead of making it a quilt block, I prepped it for being a turned edge applique.

Dr. Who TARDIS Quilt Close Up Dr. Who TARDIS Applique Piecework

I think I know of a quilt in entirely coordinating colors that could use a little time traveling on its backing...

Tardis Quilt on Isosceles Triangle Quilt Pieces

P.S. I really enjoyed looking through the Dr.-Who-Along Quilt Pool, but man do those paper-pieced blocks take *forever*.

  1. How To: Cut Isosceles Triangles Without Templates 10/13/2013
  2. How To: Assemble an Isosceles Triangle Quilt Top 10/16/2013
  3. Step 1: Isosceles Triangle Quilt Top Completed 10/18/13
  4. TARDIS Applique 10/27/13
  5. Coordinating Pillowcases for the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 11/6/13
  6. Step 2: Isosceles Triangle Quilt Backing Assembly 3/18/15
  7. Step 3: Isosceles Triangle Quilt Sandwich-ing 4/1/15
  8. Attaching the TARDIS Applique 4/8/15
  9. Step 4: Machine Quilting the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 4/15/15
  10. How To: Continuous Double Bias Binding Strips 4/22/15
  11. Step 5: Binding the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 4/29/15
  12. A Review of the Isosceles Triangle Quilt 5/6/15


Sheryl said...

That's just brilliant. One of my bucket list quilts is to make a Tardis so I have mad love for this.

Samantha K said...

This is really cool. This would make a great quilt.

rooth said...

Gah! This is perfect!

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