Wrapping Up the Wedding Present

Friday, October 22, 2021

Wedding Paper Xmas Ornament Wedding Paper Xmas Ornament

The two previous handmade gifts were accompanied by a few more. The now fifth wedding paper ornament I've made, a nice way to commemorate whatever paper the married couple has sent me. Better than tossing it!

Homemade Preserves

As the groom is into pickles & relishes, I sent along a few of mine. Pickled garlic scapes, Pickled garlic cloves, dilly beans, dandelion jelly, strawberries in vanilla syrup (my favorite), and some of our honey. Most of the produce involved is from the garden (except the strawberries, spices, etc.). So, very homemade, very local!

Homemade Seer Torshi

There's also the Seer Torshi, which is a special fermented garlic pickle with cloves from both my hardneck and softneck garlic. I have a jar for us, and I'm intrigued about its flavor...

Each preserve came with a notecard with its ingredients, and an explanation or suggestions for use. I know some of the green beans are a little tough, because I might've waited too long before canning them, but this is the kind of thing that an explanation is for :)


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