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Sunday, December 30, 2018

I don't consider myself a prolific quilter, but looking at all these listed out, it seems I may be a tad bit mistaken. At 6 throw quilts, you can definitely determine what my favorite size to work in is! They're easy enough that they all are gifts, to family, friends, PhD cohort members, advisors, newlyweds, newly-babied, etc. I've learned over time that none of my quilts will ever be perfect. My inability to sew a straight line looks terrible up close, but when the quilt is taken in as a whole, all the flaws seem to melt away. That, and shrinking the quilt a bit in the dryer covers 75% of all flaws!

The best versions of my quilting process are detailed in the Triangle Xmas Tree Skirt and Double Wedding Ring Quilt. I've decided to do a lighter touch on the documentation in quilts going forward, as the tiny steps of starting to machine quilt, basting a quilt sandwich, making continuous bias binding, etc. are all extensively documented on this blog.

My first quilt was entirely paper pieced and hand sewn, and it's what started me down my journey of machine quilting. Hand quilting is painful for the finger tips, and takes quite awhile to complete. After the Hexagon quilt, the only hand-quilting I do is for personalization or for double wedding ring quilts. Although, I am interested in trying TalesOfCloth's light machine quilting followed by hand-quilting over time. This would give you a usable quilt almost immediately, with the hand-stitching being added over time.

Anyways, here's the running list of all things quilt-ish on this blog:

    Queen Sized

  1. Blue, Gray, Yellow Isosceles Triangle Time Wimey Quilt (queen size) with coordinating pillowcases.
    Dizzy Enjoying the New Triangle Quilt
    Back of the Isosceles Triangle TARDIS Quilt
  2. 100% Hand-Sewn Hexagon Quilt (queen size)
    Completed Hexagon Quilt - top
    Completed Hexagon Quilt - back
  3. Throw Sized

  4. Grays & Muted Colors Double Wedding Ring Quilt in the Blithe Fabric Collection (throw size)
    Completed Double Wedding Ring Quilt - front - unwashed
    Completed Double Wedding Ring Quilt - back - unwashed
  5. Modern Flying Geese Quilt in Yellows and Grays (throw size)
    Yellow and Grey Flying Geese Quilt Done!
    Yellow and Grey Flying Geese Quilt Done! (back)
  6. Minecraft Inspired Diamond Ore Baby Quilt (throw/baby size)
    Mine-craft Inspired Diamond Ore Throw Quilt
    Cat enjoying the Minecraft-inspired quilt, prior to washing & drying
  7. Minecraft Inspired Farm Animal Baby Quilt (throw/baby size)
    Minecraft Inspired Baby Quilt
    Complete the quilt!
  8. Over-sized Bear Paw Quilt in Plaids (throw size)
    Modern Bear Paw Quilt: Done!
    Modern Bear Paw Quilt: Done! (back)
  9. Diamond Strips Quilt as You Go in Pastel Ginghams (throw size)
    Diamond Strings Quilt Done!
    Diamond Strings Quilt Done! (back)
  10. Tree Skirt Quilts

  11. Hexagonal Equilateral Triangle Christmas Tree Skirt (Xmas tree skirt)
    Hexagon Xmas Tree Skirt - top
    Hexagon Christmas Tree Skirt - bottom
  12. Winter-themed Circular Dresden Plate Christmas Tree Skirt (Xmas tree skirt)
    Circular, Wedge Quilted Xmas Tree Skirt Tutorial
    Back of quilt after trimming.
  13. Miscellaneous Quilt Projects

  14. Quilted Sewing Machine Cover in Trees (miscellaneous)
    Double-Sided Quilted Sewing Machine Cover
    Double-Sided Sewing Machine Cover, In Progress
  15. Two-sided Quilted Sewing Machine Cover in Starburst + Hexagons (miscellaneous)
    Double-Sided Quilted Sewing Machine Cover
    Double-Sided Quilted Sewing Machine Cover
  16. Bear Paw Mini Quilt Block (sachet size)
    Optional: Add exterior sashing
    Bear Paw Quilt lavender Sachet
  17. Mini Double Pinwheel Quilt Block (sachet size)
    Miniature Double Pinwheel Quilt Block
  18. Mini Star Flower Quilt Block (sachet size)
    Minitaure Starflower Quilt Block
  19. Circle of Geese within a Circle of Geese Quilt Block (wall hanging)
    Miniature Circle of Geese Within a Circle of Geese


Kristin said...

You are definitely a quilter and all your projects look amazing! I've finally pulled out the sewing machine I got last winter and am planning some projects. One quilt is mostly cut out already so I'll start there. My only quilting project before was a tied doll quilt and this one will be full size.

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